Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pretty Colors

After a weekend of irresponsible binging, reckless overuse, devil-may-care lechery, and redundant monotony, I finally have the time to gather myself for an adventure in the Real Life.

This isn't normal, but on Minecraft it is.

My adventures on Minecraft have recently continued due to the Survival Multiplayer mode being much more polished than expected. Hence my 3 AM bedtime. 

It also doesn't help that I downed about 4 liters of beer this weekend. I need to be cleansed (spiritually).

It is by fortunate chance that I stumbled across this particular video:


Usually, I would dismiss this video as juvenile and trite. It has all the elements, crappy boy band, a video game franchise desperate to reboot, and numerous whatthefuckeries, such as a coffee-drinking robotic cube.

But between the random flashes and repetitive guitar riffs, I was hypnotized. Ooooh, Pretty Colors!


Monday never seems so real. I also have to stay late tomorrow. Enthralling.

Listening to: Club Foot-Kasabian